Labyrinth Tiles – 50 Years in the Making

With extensive experience and impeccable attention to detail, Labyrinth Tiles is a master of it’s craft. An endless source of creativity, pure passion and expertise combine to gives you impeccable quality. Our renowned reputation within the industry, has been 50 years in the making. We use unique and sophisticated clay manufacturing methods and all tiles are hand-made on the premises.

Labyrinth Tiles is a place where you can enjoy elegance, beauty and lasting results. 

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The Labyrinth Way

We’re crazy about tiles. You could say it was love at first sight. Intrigued by the ingenuity and awe of tiles, I was hypnotised by the endless beauty of this art form. It simply made sense to dedicate my entire life to the world of tiles and all the challenges and opportunities it presented.

It’s been fifty years and The Labyrinth Way remains as strong as ever.

With a complete dedication to delivering only the highest quality tiles south of the equator, Robert and his team offer an extraordinary range of geometrically-integrated tiles. With the ability to create innovative and elegant designs, The Labyrinth Way accommodates any installation requirement. They can also be separated to create mosaics or individual geometric borders, since creating exclusive designs and meeting complex request is the reason Labyrinth Tiles has been able to stay on top since their introduction to the industry.

Employing our skilled craftsmen and drawing on our experience, we use our 50 years of teasing out the best methods for every step of the tile-making journey, to create something truly unique. That’s why our manufacturing process includes the utmost attention to detail and precision.

We have learned every lesson there is, that’s how we are able to produce better tiles than money can buy. With a whole-hearted focus on longevity strength of each individual tile, you’ll be enjoying your creations for years to come.

So you like to look at the bigger picture? Then head to our showrooms. We present our finished work so you can get a better feel for the quality of work we deliver and whether it suits your needs. There’s no job or request too small or too big for us, so whatever your needs are calling for, we got you covered.

We love to be different. With a variety of design options as well as distinct and artistic tiling and mosaic options to choose from, we will get the job done no matter what you’re looking for.

Using durable materials, our tiles promise 100% quality. We believe wholeheartedly in ensuring that your tiling is the long-lasting on the market, which is why we manufacture all of it ourselves.

Tiles for Everywhere

Labyrinth Tiles and Tilers are joined at the hip and can create any creative or functional requirement for home or commercial spaces.

  • Floors, Inlay & Walls

  • Interior & Exterior Feature Walls

  • Home Decor

  • Water Features

  • Commercial Spaces

  • Splash Backs

  • Tables

  • Pizza Ovens

Rob Cripwell has been laying tiles since he was 5 years old.

An artisan of 65 years of tile creation and interior and exterior design will transform your place into a work of art.

The Labyrinth can be found in Medina conveniently located just 35mins south of Perth, 25min from Fremantle and 30mins  from Mandurah.

Labyrinth Tiles – Recent Projects